Lund Martial Arts Academy
4455 West 26th St.
Erie, PA 16506
Ph. 814-833-2800

Leading by Example

At Lund Martial Arts Academy, our goal is to offer something more than just self defense. We lead by example to offer compassion and professionalism in all we do. Our mission is to teach our members and community to live happier, healthier, and safer lives through the use of three basic life rules:

  1. Try your hardest
  2. Show respect
  3. Have fun

To train all students to defend their bodies and their loved ones with effective self defense.

To affect attitude in such a way that the mind and body remain healthy. To constantly find ways to do this with more and more people without sacrificing any of the lesson.

Martial Arts A Family Event

There is more involved than just learning technique. How often do you get to share one of your passions with your mom? That's just the case for Deanna Peterson and her mom Melissa. CLICK FOR VIDEO

News & Events

Halloween Party - Friday, October 24th, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Join us on Friday, October 24th from 6-8 pm for our Lund Martial Arts Halloween party. This event is FREE (that's right, FREE) for students ages 5 and older. Students are encouraged to wear costumes and bring their friends! All of your friends MUST have a signed permission slip from their parents for admission into the event.

Students will have fun shooting disks and darts at the instructors with NERF shooters. ***Please note that the darts and disks will be provided, however there is a limited number of NERF shooters that will be available to borrow! If you have your own, put your name on them and bring them along. If you have questions about the event, stop by the academy or call (833-2800).

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