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Who We Are

At Lund Martial Arts Academy, our mission is to offer something more than just self-defense. We teach you – the student – to live a safer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

You are trained to have the ability to defend your body and your loved ones with effective self-defense. This training affects the attitude in such a way that the mind and body become and remain healthy – regardless of your starting point. We believe that every person is unique and has a special gift to offer the world. That gift is all too often left undiscovered.

Training in the Lund Martial Arts system is a gratifying and exciting key to unlock this hidden potential that lay inside each person. In short, we guide you through an authentic martial arts system that will make you aware of your unique powerful abilities, and help you sharpen them for high effectiveness and fulfillment in life.

In addition, all along your journey we lead you by example offering compassion and professionalism in all we do.

Founder Jeff Lund began training in Martial Arts as an early teenager and has earned many belt ranks and titles throughout his Martial Arts Journey.

Like most teenage boys he enrolled in classes to “learn how to fight” but he quickly realized that there was so much more value in the practice and life lessons than fighting. He has earned Black Belt certification in three standing based Martial Arts systems and currently trains in Jiu Jitsu weekly at Stout Training Pittsburgh/Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

Training at a high level competitive martial arts school is essential for quality control of the technical skills in martial arts. “I need to always make sure first hand that the techniques and physical systems we teach our students are the most effective available” says Master Lund. He is a Pennsylvania State Sparring Champion and has won numerous tournaments in both forms and sparring competition. His true passion however is his students.

They have been known to continue training with him for over a decade as they achieve things they know they never would have without martial arts training. From Teachers to other Professional Martial Artists to Nuclear Engineers his students have credited a large part of their success to the system of thought and high values they learned through their Lund Martial Arts Experience.

The skillset Master Lund values the most is his ability to train students to unlock their hidden potential and uniqueness through Martial Arts Training.

He says, “When a student puts the time and the sweat into their training, when they truly give everything they have, proper Martial Arts Instruction gives them fulfillment like nothing they have felt before….this in turn gives me fulfillment.”

How To Get Started

Whether you're interested in martial arts for your kids, or you're an adult looking for a fun, enriching activity that brings you fitness and self-defense skills... Feel free to contact the location that's nearest you. Each of our locations are filled with kind, caring staff members who will gladly answer all of your questions. If you live in Harbor Creek and Millcreek, we'd love to hear from you. Pick up the phone and call us now!

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